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Reusable Masks.....

Written by Claire Keogan


Posted on May 25 2020

'These unanticipated times' are words that most of us are more than tired of hearing. However, it is undeniable that the future is uncertain, and is calling for us to take measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Ourselves here at Prepys want to accommodate our customers in as many ways as we can, already establishing our online store to fulfil your fashion needs! Additionally, in line with government advice, we are now stocking face coverings that you can use to increase your safety as the country recovers from this pandemic. The benefits of wearing re-usable masks are unmistakable:

  1. They are economical - one-time purchase, long-term protection.
  2. Environmentally friendly - the masks are reusable which decreases the waste that we would otherwise contribute using disposable masks.
  3. Comfort - no need to constantly readjust due to its snug fit. This also contributes to their safety as you can avoid touching your face, which is the easiest way to spread the virus.

The above photo shows you how to wear a mask correctly to maximise your safety. We hope you enjoy browsing the wide range now available on our website, in both adult and children's sizes!