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Prepys #FeelFabInFeb Challenge

Written by Claire Keogan


Posted on January 29 2021

With lockdown number three extended and our spirits feeling low, we think it's the perfect time for some well overdue self-love and care to lift the mood! Introducing...

Prepys #FeelFabInFeb Challenge 

28 daily activities for the month of February guaranteed to brighten up your day and help you pass on the positivity to others, because heaven knows we deserve it!

Get involved by tagging us in your posts, stories, and by using the hashtag #FeelFabInFeb - here's a guide to the activities we have planned:

  1. Start a book - there's nothing like getting lost in a great book to distance yourself from this crazy world 
  2. Coffee to go - treat yourself and loved one to a coffee from a local business 
  3. Go for a walk - blow off the cobwebs and get some fresh air to clear the head 
  4. Old photos - have a dig for some old photos to remind you of the good times ahead, organise them in an album if you have one!
  5. Spring clean - we all have that one junk drawer/press/room that we've been avoiding for too long, today's the day to tackle it!
  6. Dress up - sitting in front of the TV for the night? Do it in style! No better time to get some wear out of the endless outfits we've ordered 
  7. Take-away - rest and indulge, the only hard part is agreeing where to order from
  8. Be mindful - take 10/20 minutes when you wake up or before you go to bed to do a mindfulness exercise, it's important to keep our heads in check, we'll link our favourites on our stories
  9. Call a friend - old or new, this is guaranteed to make your day and theirs 
  10. Zumba class - the most enjoyable way to get your sweat on, there's an endless amount of classes on YouTube, so no excuses!
  11. Donate - so many great charities and causes have had their fundraising opportunities reduced due to the pandemic, every little helps
  12. Clear clothes - all the online shopping has our wardrobes overflowing, purge your old clothes and donate or recycle them
  13. Valentines Day Card - nothing says 'I love you' like a thoughtful homemade card, even if it is just for yourself!
  14. Date Night - Valentine's is upon us, organise a date night, whether it's in the kitchen, on Zoom, or in the mirror (all the single ladies) 
  15. No Media - delete your socials for the day, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, it's important to disconnect from time to time as the influx of information can be overwhelming 
  16. Visit Elders - be it family members of neighbours, a socially distanced chat or running some errands can mean so much to those in our community 
  17. Yoga - first thing in the morning or last thing at night, start a flow and get your stretch on 
  18. Have a bath - salts, bubbles, candles, the works! Relax and unwind, you deserve it
  19. Plant - pop to your nearest garden centre for some greenery, get the trowel out or bring the outside in with some indoor plants to refresh your space 
  20. Have a sip - we're not going to pretend this isn't already our favourite weekend activity, but why not get the ingredients to your favourite cocktail and get mixing!
  21. Bake - from scratch or from the box, make some sweet treats to enjoy throughout the week ahead
  22. Healthy meal - balance out the cakes by whipping up a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, check out our stories for some ideas 
  23. Shop local - purchase from a small or local business, online or in-store, it can mean the world to the families behind them and their communities 
  24. Dance party - blast your favourite songs, playlists, and albums through the speakers and turn your kitchen into a dance floor, there's no better mood-lifter than a private dance party!
  25. Face mask - all this time spent inside can be detrimental to our skin, pop on a face mask to brighten and hydrate 
  26. Brush clean - does anybody clean their make-up brushes enough? Here's your reminder to get scrubbing and deep clean the buffers and blenders 
  27. Make over - time to put those fresh tools to use! Put on a glam face, style your hair, and bask in the glory of your reflection for the night 
  28. Treat yourself - you've made it! Sometimes it's more difficult to look after ourselves than it is others, so reward yourself with that item you've had your eye on 

We hope you love the challenge and your new and improved self at the end of the month!