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Our top 10 tips for accessorizing.

Written by Erin Keogan


Posted on May 25 2020

After listening to, and talking to our customers for the last 30 years these our my top ten tips and myths about accessorising.

  1. CONTRAST- Accessorise your outfit with a contrasting colour or texture. Its like having a statement wall in your house, contrasting will make your outfit stand out more!  Don't be too "matchy-matchy"
  2. CHOOSING SHOES- Nude shoes will make your legs look longer.  If wearing trousers or a jumpsuit wear the same colour shoes, it will make you look taller and slimmer!  If you have larger legs, wear an ankle strap. It will actually make your ankle and leg look slimmer and more shapely. 
  3. BELTS- Belts are great. Adding one will give you more shape and emphasise your curves.  TIP- Put your hands around your waist, just under your bust and tie your OBI belt just below your hands HEY PRESTO instant tiny waist!
  4. FASINATORS- When wearing a fasinator we advise if you have a parting, wear it on the side you have LESS hair.  If its a pillbox style, pull the pillbox forward to rest about an inch above your eyebrow.  THINK Kate Middleton!!
  5. WEDDINGS/RACES- You do not have to have the headpiece, shoes and bag matching!  Two out of the three is good. If you want to play it safe, stick with the bag and shoes matching and then match your headpiece to the dress.  If you are confident in your own style well.....GO BIG OR GO HOME we say!!
  6.  EMPHASISE- And show your personality with your choice of accessories.  Textured and matt are earthy and organic, smooth and shiny are more classic and sophisticated.  Bling, bling.....well we know who you are!!
  7. MYTH- "I can't wear gold and silver jewellery together they do not mix" THEY DO!! They look great together.  In fact its a trend right now!
  8. MYTH NUMBER 2- "My hair is too short, I can't wear a long earring" Long earrings actually look better with short hair or an up style, because you can see them properly and they elongate the neck!
  9. NECKLACES- A short necklace will draw the eye up to the face and neck and depending on the length to the cleavage too.  So choose carefully when positioning it depending on the attention your after!  A long pendant style can help take attention away from the bust and make you look slimmer in the process.  WIN WIN!
  10. ACCESSORISING- Can expand your wardrobe instantly!! I'm sure you, like me have a throng of black dresses and dark clothes in your wardrobe?  Pull ou a black dress, put a short coloured top or cardie over it with a slim belt.  Or add a statement necklace and a jacket, or wrap a large scarf around it.  LOOK three new outfits!!